Michael Abramson, esq. Founder, Drink Savvy, Inc. was featured on WBZ news!

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There's an emerging business in Boston called Drinksavvy that has developed an important product aimed to protect bar drinkers from tampered drinks. Last week, the newly created company Drinksavvy was featured on Channel 4's eleven o'clock news 9/2/2013.

Michael Abramson - a patent attorney created the Boston-based business Drinksavvy, Inc. to address the need for a product to evaluate the presence of date-rape drugs and prevent drug-assisted sexual assaults in bar goers. Abramson's product idea for treated cups and straws used to detect the presence of 'roofies' came to him after his personal experience of having been drugged as well as realizing several of his friends shared a similar story.
In 2012, Abramson enrolled in the JVS/CJP Entrepreneurship Training Program to learn what he needed to know including how to make a roadmap to get his business up-and-running. Since taking the class, he's been able to raise 52k of capital through a successful crowd funding campaign and has advanced on past the second round of the Mass Challenge competition. This fall, he plans on delivering the beta version of products to the initial round of 2,000 plus contributors. Abramson's next goal is to roll out the final product within a year.
Michael's advice to future entrepreneurs is, 'First determine if there's a need for the product or service, define your goals, and then make a roadmap to get there.'

For more information on the JVS/CJP Entrepreneurship Training Program, please contact Bill Ward at bward@jvs-boston.org or 617.399.3230.
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