Hire Tech Interns

Hire Tech Interns

Does your company need more technical support?

Are you struggling to find talent to fill tech positions? JVS can help!

JVS Tech Interns

JVS Bridges to College can connect you with interns who are completing a certificate in Health Information Technology at Bunker Hill Community College. Students are receiving education that makes them ideal for help desk support at any company, helping your business run more smoothly and efficiently in an age of constantly-growing technology.

Student Skills

JVS tech interns are non-traditional college students coming to the program with a variety of skills, and some with previous experience in technology or prior college education. While at Bunker Hill Community College, students learn how to:

  • Perform advanced hardware and software troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Set up and configure networks and routers
  • Address IT privacy and security concerns
  • Preparation for CompTIA A+ and CCENT certification exams

For more information about the Bunker Hill Community College certificate program, please click here.

JVS Support

While JVS tech interns are completing their internships at your company, you will have a JVS Career Navigator available to support you throughout the entire internship process:

  • JVS Career Navigators spend time with all students, one-on-one and collectively, to develop the soft skills needed for their internship
  • All interns are screened and selected to interview with you by JVS Career Navigators
  • JVS Career Navigators assist students in setting learning goals prior to their internship and in completing internship evaluations
  • You can reach out to the JVS Career Navigators with any concerns throughout the internship process

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