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Immigration Services

Do you need help applying for your work card (EAD), getting your Green Card or bringing your family to the US? JVS’s Immigration Services can provide you with the information and tools to help you through the application process. JVS is a BIA accredited organization, and we offer assistance with various, basic immigration services, for eligible applicants.

You’ll gain:

  • Customized one-on-one services
  • Green card renewal
  • Family based immigration
  • Adjustment of status applications
  • Consular visa processing
  • EAD applications and renewals
  • Fee waiver and disability waiver assistance


  • You must be present in the United States under a current, active, legal status
  • You must have your supporting documents available


“JVS is a wonderful place. They helped me with getting my work card and when I was eligible, they helped me with getting my Green Card.”

“At JVS I feel free, and the people are so nice. There is a lot of available support. I love JVS.”

“At JVS you are on a good path, the right track, I got so much help with the confusing immigration forms. Amazing”

By appointment only. Nominal fees may apply.

For more information, contact:

Elizabeth Hogan, BIA Accredited Representative
JVS Citizenship Coordinator
(617) 399-3223