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JVS Lauded in Social Impact Report

March 2, 2011
Root Cause: SIR focused on workforce development because it yields a high social return for donors. Given the substantial positive social and economic impacts associated with workforce training, investment in Massachusetts’ workforce development programs proves critical in improving the job prospects of individuals facing multiple barriers to employment.
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From Hidden Costs to High Returns: Unlocking the Potential of Lower Wage Workforce

November 23, 2010
The Insight Center for Community Economic Development: More and more employers are training lower-wage workers, building skills, loyalty, and quality-consciousness, and creating opportunity for higher earnings.
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Nonprofit Job-Training Programs Show Promising Results

July 20, 2010
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Unemployed and low-skilled workers can significantly bolster their earning power by participating in job-training programs that are developed in collaboration with specific industries, like construction and health care, a new report suggests.
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For some, job loss leads to fulfillment

July 12, 2010
boston.com: Jim Deramo says his former company’s bankruptcy was a blessing. Tom Hurwitch is glad he is no longer a cog in the wheel at a huge management consulting firm. And former portfolio manager James Wiess feels liberated from the shackles of the stock market.
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National research study documents effectiveness of JVS training

June 20, 2010
Public/Private Ventures: JVS was one of three organizations that participated in a new study by Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) that establishes the effectiveness of high-quality, industry-specific job training programs and argues that these efforts are crucial to long-term economic recovery in the U.S.
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