Innovation at JVS: Healthcare Pipeline

Innovation at JVS: Healthcare Pipeline

Employers are facing critical vacancies as the healthcare industry in Massachusetts continues to expand. Healthcare employers are vying for a limited supply of talented employees to provide quality care to their patients, which requires strong interpersonal communication and essential skills. JVS works with many healthcare providers in the Greater Boston area, designing customized programs to fill these vacancies and build career ladders. JVS bridges the gap between a wide range of healthcare providers, including major hospitals and long-term care facilities, and a large range of employees with different skill levels looking to get their foot in the door in careers in healthcare.

Spaulding Rehabilitation Network CNA Pipeline

In 2016, JVS partnered with the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network to pilot a new and innovative concept for recruiting and training Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). CNAs are in high demand, with more job openings than CNAs in the system. Spaulding was having difficulty filling multiple openings across their four locations. JVS recruited and screened over 290 candidates for Spaulding, and Spaulding then selected the 23 candidates JVS trained and Spaulding ultimately hired. JVS focused on recruiting individuals who demonstrated high levels of empathy and mission alignment to the job, traits that are critical to becoming a successful CNA. The selected cohorts completed Essential Skills training at JVS, including professional communication, empathy, customer service in healthcare, computers, medical terminology, and anatomy classes. They also completed four weeks of training and clinical at the Academy for Healthcare Careers, where they gained the technical knowledge necessary to pass the CNA examination. Spaulding hired all of the graduates from the training program, where they received full time jobs earning $14-$17 per hour, with full benefits. To date, the program has an 86% retention rate and JVS is tracking the longitudinal success of the program.

Boston Children’s Hospital Incumbent Worker Pipeline

JVS works with Boston Children’s Hospital to develop career ladders for their employees. From 2015-2016, JVS developed an Essential Skills Training program with BCH, which helped newly hired BCH frontline employees gain strong communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and cultural competency skills. Results from this program showed that employees who completed the training program performed better in every area of job competency related to the training, required less support, and reached full proficiency in their roles a month sooner than employees who did not receive the training. This program enabled BCH to decrease employee turnover rates and improve the quality of care delivered to its patients. In 2016, BCH and JVS launched the Career Development Program to support current employees in Support Services to move up and get hired into administrative and clinical positions within the hospital. Through training and coaching, this program helps employees develop the skills needed to make that transition. This program also included a pre-employment track to prepare job seekers to backfill Environmental and Food Services positions at the hospital.

Healthcare Training Institute

JVS’s Healthcare Training Institute (HTI) provides training to hundreds of healthcare employees in Greater Boston each year. Through HTI, healthcare employees participate in on-site classes and coaching in English, computers, math, academic and career development, and professional communication, as they gain skills to offer better patient care and advance professionally. In 2017, JVS worked with 12 healthcare employers to provide training to over 750 employees.

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