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Workplace English Classes

Our Workplace English classes are designed for non-native English speaking employees. Classes focus on work-related reading, writing, and verbal skills through contextualized activities, readings, projects and discussions. Emphasis is placed on developing conversation skills to improve participants’ interactions with supervisors, coworkers, patients, customers, and visitors.

We offer many levels, which increase in complexity and utility. Lower level courses emphasize basic literacy and communication skills to meet job requirements. Upper level courses incorporate professional skills, such as speaking up in a meeting, giving a direct report comprehensive feedback, and an introduction to academic language.

Course activities are contextualized to target issues related to communication challenges at work and safety concerns as well as hone polite customer interaction skills. Through these courses, employees develop a deeper understanding of their workplace and their important role within it. Another benefit is the increase in confidence of employees taking ESOL courses. This confidence helps them transcend their position and permeates the entire work culture.

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