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We're creating tangible impacts through our Job Quality Benchmarking Index. Learn more about the success we've had in our partnership with Little Sprouts by watching this video.

Using this tool,  Little Sprouts has increased their job quality for employees, many of whom are former JVS clients! We're so proud to partner with Little Sprouts, and we can't wait to increase the impact the JQBI has across Greater Boston.

JVS Boston sits at the intersection of employers and jobseekers – helping employer partners attract and retain productive workforce so companies can flourish, while helping job seekers gain marketable skills and negotiate the best employment opportunities available.

In this turbulent labor market, low-wage workers are seeking opportunities that offer stability and economic growth for themselves and their families. Job Quality is taking center stage and JVS is ready.

Since 2017, JVS has been developing the Job Quality Benchmarking Index – a survey and qualitative tool that generates reports demonstrating how their jobs stack up against competitors on job elements that matter most to job seekers: Wages, Benefits, Scheduling, Access to Career Ladders, and Supportive Environment.

Click here to learn how the Job Quality Benchmarking Index was developed.

How Does It Work?

After completing the short survey, JVS’ tool generates a summary report that shows an employer how their jobs stack up against regional competitors. Watch the embedded video to see how it works.

Click here to see a sample Benchmark  report. Employers who choose to enlist in JVS’ consultation services to improve job quality receive a detailed report that contains a question-by-question analysis for a fee.

Take the Survey and Become a Quality Employer!

Employers are invited to take our job quality survey, so they can learn how your jobs stack up against the competition. Normally, such information costs upwards of $500, but JVS is offering employers a report for FREE. Click here to begin.

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Become a Licensee

Looking to improve job quality in your region? Join JVS by becoming a licensee of the Job Quality Benchmarking Index. With our licensees, we are sharing best practices and impacting job quality throughout the country. To join us in amplifying these efforts, email  Susan Buckey, Director of Employer Engagement at JVS Boston.

Meet our current licensee

Support JVS's JOB Quality Work

As use of JVS’s Job Quality Benchmarking Index spreads across the country, our software needs to continually develop and adapt. To support future improvements to the Index, click here.


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