Financial Education Workshops

Are you looking to improve your financial health? JVS offers 7 financial education workshops to give you the tools and education you need to improve your financial well-being. Learn how to create a spending plan, improve your money habits, understand credit reports and scores, save for retirement, understand insurance products, and understand the basics of taxes.

Program Benefits:

  • Improve your financial education
  • Participate in engaging workshops with many opportunities for interaction
  • Take home tools you can use to improve your personal financial situation


  • Your Credit Report Can Impact Your Job Search
  • Money Habits
  • Navigating the Insurance Maze
  • Understanding Your Taxes – It Matters!
  • Tailoring a Spending Plan for Improved Financial Well-Being
  • How to Grow Your Savings – Really!
  • Saving for Retirement – It’s Easier than You Think!



“I understand how my taxes are calculated after deductions and exemptions.”

“I enjoyed the workshop and learned new things to help me with my money habits.”

Learn More:

Visit the JVS MassHire Downtown Boston Web Site to learn more or call 617-399-3131

For more information, please contact
Jason Pollens