Financial Education Workshops

Are you looking to improve your financial health? JVS offers 7 financial education workshops to give you the tools and education you need to improve your financial well-being. Learn how to create a spending plan, improve your money habits, understand credit reports and scores, save for retirement, understand insurance products, and understand the basics of taxes.

Program Benefits:

  • Improve your financial education
  • Participate in engaging workshops with many opportunities for interaction
  • Take home tools you can use to improve your personal financial situation


  • Your Credit Report Can Impact Your Job Search
  • Money Habits
  • Navigating the Insurance Maze
  • Understanding Your Taxes – It Matters!
  • Tailoring a Spending Plan for Improved Financial Well-Being
  • How to Grow Your Savings – Really!
  • Saving for Retirement – It’s Easier than You Think!


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“I understand how my taxes are calculated after deductions and exemptions.”

“I enjoyed the workshop and learned new things to help me with my money habits.”

Learn More:

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For more information, please contact
Jason Pollens