Support for Refugees: Together We Rise

Support for Refugees

Together We Rise: Career Development with Boston’s Refugees

Today there are more than 79 million refugees  worldwide, more than at any other point in world history. Unfortunately, the United States has severely limited the number of refugees it will admit, no longer serving as the safe haven it once was. Over the past 4 years the Trump administration closed our doors to refugees: whereas 85,000 refugees arrived on US soil in 2016, just 15,000 are planned for 2021. The Boston Jewish community is taking action to support resettled refugees living in our community.

Together We Rise: Career Development with Boston’s Refugees, is a joint initiative of Jewish Vocational Service and Combined Jewish Philanthropies. Through this program, JVS is reaching out to resettled refugees to help them move from entry-level jobs to family-sustaining careers. Refugees work with career navigators who help them identify their career goals and take the next step forward in their careers, including enrolling in training programs, accessing higher education, and finding employment in their fields.

Over the past 5 years, 2,750 refugees were resettled in Eastern Massachusetts. During the same period, JVS helped 1,500 refugees find their first job in the United States. With cuts to the refugee resettlement system, support services for this population were severely reduced as well. Together We Rise provides critical support to Boston’s resettled refugee population, demonstrating the Jewish community’s commitment to caring and social justice. Together We Rise is a 3-year initiative that began in July 2018, with the goal of serving 1,000 refugees. To date, it has helped over 300 refugees access employment, 150 access skills trainings, and 85 access education.  

Take Action

Volunteer to do a mock interview, offer networking assistance, or conduct an informational interview with refugee clients.

Connect your employer’s HR department with JVS’s Refugee Employment Services team.

Make a donation to support Together We Rise and help refugees feel welcome in Boston.

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