Kira Khazatsky, Chief Operating Officer

Kira Khazatsky, Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer, Kira is responsible for the quality and operations of JVS programming, delivery and service outcomes, as well as developing effective and efficient programs that drive innovation and sustainability. She leads the programmatic VP team and works closely with the CEO and the executive team to operationalize the agency’s strategic plan and mission.

Prior to her role as Chief Operating Officer, Kira served as the Chief Program Officer at JVS and was responsible for programmatic leadership that reinforces JVS’s mission and values and demonstrates the agency’s commitment to our customers, clients and students. Kira additionally served as the Vice President of Academic and Workplace Training, and worked with the state’s top employers as well as public and private funders to identify, design, and implement critical workforce development services, including the Adult Diploma Pathway, Bridges to College, and Business Services. A Russian immigrant herself, whose family sought out JVS’s services in the 80’s, Kira began her career at JVS in 2006 as a workplace instructor and marketing assistant.

Kira holds a B.A. from Clark University and a M.A. in Adult and Organizational Learning from Suffolk University.


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