Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

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All JVS volunteer opportunities and internships are remote until further notice.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Each year, over 350 people volunteer at JVS. Our volunteers have a great impact on the lives of thousands of people throughout the Greater Boston community. JVS offers a variety of volunteer opportunities at all of our locations.

Some of these opportunities include:

  • ESOL Classroom Assistance
  • Academic Services Tutoring
  • Resume and Professional Development Assistance
  • Community Outreach Assistance

For a complete list of current volunteer opportunities, please visit our Volunteer Match page to learn more.

“I began volunteering at JVS to try and make a small difference in the lives of new English speakers. What unexpectedly happened over the next five years is that each of them made a huge difference in my life. Their drive, energy and determination motivated me every week to learn more and become a better teacher! And as an extra bonus- my fellow volunteers have been wonderful to get to know and work with.” – Judy Ehrlich, ESOL Classroom Assistant Volunteer, pictured teaching above

Volunteer Opportunities for Groups:

Is your workplace or religious group looking to volunteer together? If so, JVS can accommodate groups up to 20 people at our downtown location and outreach events. These opportunities may include:

  • ESOL classroom assistance
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Community outreach assistance in Boston immigrant communities

We are happy to work with you to create a customized volunteer opportunity tailored to your group!

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Internship Opportunities:

Are you a college student seeking an internship? JVS partners with many local colleges to provide quality, hands-on internships. JVS interns work in programs throughout JVS, including Refugee Services, Academic Services, Business Services, and Marketing/Outreach programs, helping our clients find their pathway to economic success and financial independence. Read about some of our internship positions below and learn how you can apply for a fall, spring, and/or summer internship:

Refugee Services:

Adult Diploma Program:

English for Advancement Program:

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