Our Impact

For over 80 years JVS has helped people secure financial independence. Last year, JVS empowered over 15,000 individuals to build their skills, advance their education, and find employment. JVS offers over 35 different programs to help individuals from all backgrounds on their way toward achieving the American Dream.

Strengthening Job Skills

We create training programs based on the skills employers need, currently targeting jobs in 8 sectors. Job seekers can select programs ranging in duration from 4 weeks to 15 months.

Accessing Good Jobs

We develop and match local talent with great employers. Through these strong partnerships, we also provide onsite training and coaching for workers to upskill them for next-level positions.

Building Career Pathways

We map career pathways with employers to identify educational and skills gaps. We address these gaps through our progression of services, and ultimately set up participants for greater lifetime earnings.

Leading the workforce development field

JVS is a recognized leader in workforce development, implementing innovative solutions to emerging needs in the job market. This innovation reaps benefits for both employers and the individuals JVS serves. In fact, a 2012 independent study completed by Boston University faculty showed that every $1 invested in JVS yields returns to program participants of $2-3 in higher earnings within the first 1-2 years of program completion, and returns of up to $15 within ten years.

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