Career and Community Access

Career and Community Access

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Want to start a career and enjoy life in your community? Join CCAP! CCAP is a new program designed to provide career and community access for young adults with disabilities living in the Boston area.

By joining CCAP, you will get access to JVS’s excellent career coaching and employment support and become a member of the House of Possibilities (HOPe) community where you will be encouraged to pursue your personal goals, learn new skills, serve those in need, make new friends, or simply enjoy life in your local neighborhood.

Who is Eligible?

CCAP serves young adults ages 18 - 26 across the disability spectrum. Many individuals in our program are referred directly by the Department of Developmental Services or their local high school.

We Offer: 

  • Daily opportunities to participate in HOPe’s engaging programming that focus on meeting personal goals like developing cooking skills, staying on track with a workout regimen, or connecting with friends and local organizations in one’s own community
  • Three hours per week of intensive 1:1 Career Coaching with JVS career professionals
  • Bi-Weekly access to JVS’s Career Readiness Workshops that focus on diverse topics like Creating a Targeted Resume, Developing a Growth Mindset for Career Success, and Interviewing strategies
  • Access to HOPe’s social & recreational activities that give members the chance to connect with each other on evenings and weekends, such as the online Gaming Community and HOPe Club
  • Connections to Colleges and Industry Specific Credential Training (i.e. ServSafe Food Handler’s License) that equip people to advance their careers

To learn more about the program and to apply, contact Jeff Gentry at

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